How many creepy critters can a Critter Keeper keep, if a Critter Keeper kept creepy critters?

Welcome to Critter Keeper!
The Critter Keeper provides memorable entertainment, education, and reinforcement of traditional values to children of all ages through bug-themed birthday parties, classroom presentations, and other venues where children can be introduced to critters. Kids will love meeting Julius, the albino Burmese python; Citrus, the Australian Bearded Dragon; Clyde, the Savannah Monitor; Fiona, the Argentine Tegu, as well as other reptiles and arthropods from all over the world. Entertaining and exciting, surprising and sometimes a little scary, the Critter Keeper will captivate your children with interesting facts, entertaining stories, appropriate life applications, and of course, all his critter sidekicks. 
You've had the magicians and clowns. But now, are you ready for the Critter Keeper?

             "Bug-Day" Party!
The Critter Keeper will come to your home or other venue and bring his critters with him! Well park Cleo in an artificial tree and let the fun begin!!

If you watch closely, you may see a magic trick or two, or even something more amazing!!! Any child who loves animals should invite the Critter Keeper at least once!


          Parents have fun, too!
Some of the things that happen during a Critter Keeper presentation are deliberately scary and/or startling, and are sure to prompt a scream or squeal! Mom, please don't bolt for the door! Don't drop the camera! We're just having fun!

Because of the surprises that occur during the presentation, and because the presentation is about an hour long (with at least 15 different animals), for the best time for everyone, the Critter Keeper generally does not recommend booking a party for a birthday child who is not yet five years old.

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